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elbert-co-callingMost hunters I know enjoy hunting a variety of game.  I myself enjoy hunting elk, mule deer, hogs, predators, turkey, upland game, and anything else I can get a tag for or a chance to hunt.  If I had to pick one as my all time favorite animal to hunt I would choose mule deer with coyote, upland game, and elk all tied for a close second.  Some may look at my three way tie for second place and think coyote seems out of place amongst elk, deer, and upland game, which may seem like more sought after or desirable, traditional game to pursue.  Growing up in the coyote rich environment of north west Kansas I witnessed the devastation these predators caused (and are still causing) to other game.  This coyote hot spot taught me to successfully call coyotes and do my part in trying to control the predator population.  And lets face it,  the rush of having one or several coyotes come charging in to the call is an awesome experience!  Now the warm weather is finally giving way to winter and calling is heavy on my mind.  Be The Predator wants to help you get out and start preying on the predators as well!  Answer the below question for your chance to win a new ICOtec GC300 digital call to kick off the calling season.  The winner will be picked (at random by a neutral party) on the evening of December 11th.  Feel free to point your hunting buddies to the contest as well for their chance to win.


What is your favorite animal to hunt and why?  What is your favorite method and weapon of choice to hunt that animal?   

Yote Call



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  1. Kale Shafer says

    Calling dogs has become my new obsession over the last few years. My weapon of choice during the day is my Bushmaster varminter (.223) with a Nikon P223, and at night a Savage A-bolt (.223) with a Pulsar Apex XD38 thermal. This year my dogs get to join the action, can’t wait!

  2. kyle sawyer says

    spent many years shooting coyotes. back in the years before electronic calls. would love it. bet it works great.

  3. Jason Scudder says

    After going to a south Texas hog hunt this past August I’d have to say this has got to be the most action packed hunt since these animals will charge you if they sense you in their territory. Hunting these hogs with my Savage m111, shooting 180 gr for a clean head shot at a minimum of 80 yds and out to 200 yds is for me adrenaline pumping. Next time I go to South TX I’m taking my PSE bow for a much more challenging hunt of a lifetime.

  4. Brian Packard says

    I have been hunting everything since I was little so it’s a hard choice. I would have to say coyotes have become my favorite. I only shoot the other animals to eat. I’ve been using a hand jackrabbit call my dad bought me my senior year (1996). I use a Ruger American .223 for normal calls and a Stevens Savage .300 win mag for long shots. I hunt everyday and lucky to live in a place where I can.

  5. Glenn Posik says

    Hunt coyotes, bobcats and fox. Bushmaster AR-15 in 5.56 tipped off with IR Hunter MarkII. Suppressed is a must as the loud noise hurts the ears.

  6. Matt wagner says

    Ground blind, a bow and the night after a successful white tail hunt in my home state of Nebr. The only way to do it.

  7. Eric says

    I’m a fresh hunter I enjoy any hunting I’m actively involved in suckered as Archery elk cow calling and bugling and turkey in the spring listening for the morning thunder of a gobble but when you calling for predators you never know what’s gonna walk in from bears to bunnies that’s what really excites me

  8. Justin fox says

    I love off season predator hunting, but my true passion is rut crazed bull elk with a bow. There is nothing like watching that huge, elusive beast lose his mind chasing an imaginary love struck cow.

  9. Michael Collins says

    Can’t beat hunting Rocky Mountain Elk during the rut with my Hoyt Carbon Spyder. Love the time in the mountains and love to fill the freezer for the family. Calling predators is a great way to pass time when I’m not hunting big game with the Hoyt.

  10. Mike Quinn says

    My favorite animal to hunt is elk! The territory these magnificent animals live and survive is some of the most breath taking and rugged terrain in the good old united States of America!! The vocalization of the bull elk …the gobble of the wild turkey…the grunt of a mature buck to the howls of the coyote finds me in pursuit of a mix of game from out west to the east coast. Wether a bow is in my hand or one of many caliber of rifles that I have acquired over the years .being out in the woods, mtn’s is good for the soul, the pursuit and predator in me feels good and I do not apologize to anyone for it ! I eat,skin and try to utilize everything that that I kill! My methods very depending upon terrain,and time of year. Still hunting..calling…stand hunting will find this predator doing what it takes to entice it’s prey to the kill..to everyone who entered this site good luck and keep your nose in the wind pilgrim lol.

  11. Chris jones says

    Mule deer and coyotes in a stand with a call for coyotes and spot and stalk on mule deer my bow is my favorite weapon of choice

  12. Drew Kaup says

    I love hunting coyotes since the age of 10 . howling for them year round there is nothing like it, and use mainly diaphragm calls. At 43 the adrenaline rush of having a dog in your lap is un matched. My weapon of choice is my Mathews fx bow she’s a little old but gets it done every time.

  13. David Beertzer says

    Yote hunting is a passion passion unlike most other hunts for me. If having a predator come running at you full speed looking for an easy meal doesn’t get you all jacked nothing will! Dpms 223 with Leopold rifleman 3-9×50.

  14. Sage Rodgers says

    My favorite right now where I have been placed for work is pheasant hunting. Being able to meet up with a few buddies from college and walk some fields make some great memories with great guys and try to bring a beginner hunter with us every time. Been using a Stoeger M2000 12ga and hasn’t let me down yet.

  15. says

    I don’t believe in hunting just one species as a favorite I any thing I can get a tag for hunting is the obsession and as for weapons I use a riffle, pistol, bow, black powder rifle/ pistol, traps snares what ever the season what ever the method the tag calls for. HUNTING IS A WAY OF LIFE AND OUR OBSESSIONS.

  16. Jeff Duncan says

    Nothing makes my fall better then calling and bow hunting elk!! It’s like a drug or addiction that runs through my veins!! I just hope everyone can experience a bull bugling once in their life!!

  17. James Hardesty says

    Elk because of their Majestic nature and vocal abilities. I enjoy the challenge of bow hunting them. I also enjoy deer antelope as well as upland game. I have never really targeted coyokes but I enjoy shooting them when given the opportunity.

  18. Corey says

    Elk because the meat is delicious and it is a week I get to spend hanging out with my dad. I use my trusty Remington 30-06 that was passed down to me from my grandfather.

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