The Lighter & Stranger Side of Hunting

Kansas Rio strutting for the camera like he knew it was there.
Kansas Rio strutting for the camera like he knew it was there.


If you spend enough time in the field you know that hunting isn’t all whispers in a tree stand, crying and shaking after the shot, and glory pictures with a trophy animal like TV hunting shows portray.  We all have our share of funny and/or strange things that have happened while hunting.  With spring turkey season right around the corner we figured it was a good time to trade your funny or strange hunting stories for a chance to win some turkey hunting gear.  In the comments on this post, tell us about something funny or strange that has happened to you while hunting.  The winner will receive a Heads Up Decoy Tom Turkey (tail fan not included, but you can find several on Ebay for cheap), HUD bow mount, and two Primos diaphragm mouth calls.  So drop your story below and tell your hunting buddies about the contest as well.  Winner will picked at random on March 4th and will be announced on our social media outlets and will also be emailed at the address you enter when you comment here.  Good luck!





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  1. Corey Rose says

    I think the strangest hunting story would be the time me and my dad shot our first Bulls, we shot them within a few minutes of each other, about 50 yards apart and when you set them side by side the racks were almost identical and those were the only two elk there. Was a great first bull kill but all of those details made it strange to me.

  2. James Hardesty says

    My first time hunting turkeys was in Nebraska at Lake mcconaughy we ended up chasing turkeys around a bunch of trailer homes. Talk about urban hunting. We would knock on doors and try and get permission. Half the people were cool with us hunting them, half said no cause they were their pets. We never ended up getting a bird but we have a funny video of us for life.

  3. says

    Several years ago my dad had given me a call on a spring day to relay the story of his successful hunt earlier that day. He had taken a bird that wet morning and was commenting on the fact that it was the smallest tom he had ever shot. The fact that it was wet had made it look small but he said it didn’t weigh much either and it’s beard was a pathetic stringy thing. He’s generally not to picky so he didn’t really care and was happy to fill a tag. He had breasted it out, took off the legs, and left the remains in the barn that afternoon.

    Fast forward to the next afternoon, dad calls me again. “So, you know that funny looking tom I shot yesterday? ‘He’ laid an egg in the barn overnight!”

  4. Matt stanley says

    This past fall i was setting in my tree stand when about an hour after daylight a turkey flew down from about twenty feet above me. It had been roosting there and I had no idea. I nearly jumbled out of my stand.

  5. Desiree' Harris says

    Just this last fall I was hunting mule deer in Utah during the general season rifle hunt with my Dad and husband. We hiked in before light and had seen two pretty decent three points, but by the time the sun came up they were nowhere to be found. We hiked on for a few more hours up some of the steepest scariest country I’ve ever been in. Well my dad pulled ahead and when we caught up to him he was sitting down glassing the country and was on a phone call with work! How he had service I have no idea haha, but I look over to the left and not even 100 yards from where my dad was on the phone was the biggest buck we had seen during the entire hunt just laying there. He was a heavy mature buck. By the time I got my dad off the phone the buck had stood up and took off over a ridge. I was SO ticked! It sure wasn’t funny then, but it is now. I still give him a hard time about not seeing the buck sitting right in front of him!! Who takes a phone call during a hunt?! Haha. Hoping I can pick up his sheds this year.

    • Be The Predator says

      That’s funny! I have had people I was hunting with pickup calls on a few occasions while hunting. One has become a running joke every time we hunt coyotes.

  6. Jeff Duncan says

    So best story within the past few years comes from mid September!!! After a hard cold morning hunt for elk decided to find a nice warm hillside for a small nap!! About 15 min in a bull bugles followed up by cow calls!! After a calling set from this bull and cows interrupted by a human cough I knew some fun was to be had!!! After sounding like the biggest bull in the country and closing the gap!! I noticed the hunter coming in!! With him closing the distance I thought I would show myself!!! Needless to say it was a good laugh!!

  7. Eric says

    Long story short last year I called my first turkey in and and a alert squirrel jumped out of a tree and scared it off. Called in my second one ten minutes later and shot it

  8. Lori F says

    We’ve got a lot of strange hunting stories. If something can go crazy with us it always does. Our last deer season was. I exception. We had let someone hunt in our favorite spot and I think he must have been busted by the big buck we were after because every time he came in he looked straight up at our treestand. I got disgusted and moved to the back side of the property and built a makeshift brush blind next to a tree. I sat in my little red neck cubby hole the first afternoon of KS rifle season and my new set up did not disappoint. At about 4:30 I looked to my left and a buck was coming in like he was on a string. He stopped broadside at 25 yards and as I was trying to decide if he was the “one” he turned his head and I noticed the old bruiser and his left eye gouged out. I quickly made up my mind to take him and my shot was perfect. He ran about 20 yards and crashed in the creek. I jumped out of the blind and ran to find him. As I did this the floodgate of does opened. I lost track of how many deer were running on the hills. I shot a nice one and got my first double ever. It was amazing. That weekend my husband and our 16 year old son squished into my spot. Jake had been hunting plenty of times but had never been able to get a buck. Just before sunset a doe walked into an opening about 200 yards out. He was able to make an amazing free handed shot that put her down in her tracks. Then a buck walked out in the same spot. His aim was good again and the buck flipped over the fence nose diving into the dirt. Getting out of my comfort zone and throwing those branches against that crooked old cedar and hunting from the ground was a great move that helped us have the most blessed season so far.

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