Grillput Portable Grill – UCO Gear


UCO Gear Grillput Portable Grill

-Tested and reviewed by Shawn Kirby

When I first checked it out in the box I was impressed with how compact it was when all stowed away.  Once I took it out of the package things got a little more complicated.  When it’s opened up it is in about 12 different pieces, and putting it together the first few times felt very cumbersome.  When I finally got it all assembled I was impressed with how stable it really was.  When putting it together it seemed like it image2would be pretty flimsy, but once together it had no problem holding my bush pot filled with water.  Another concern I had would be the grill warping after repeated use, but that hasn’t happened yet.  After each use I was impressed with how fast it cooled down which allowed me to store it away and continue on.


Over all I didn’t have high expectations for this little camping grill, but it has become a permanent part of my pack out kit.  It is a little on the heavy side so if weight is an issue, you might want to look for alternative options.


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