Why Be The Predator?

1. an animal that naturally preys on others.
How many times have you watched from a distance as a pickup full of “hunters” comes strolling aimlessly down the dirt road or trail, looking for a chance to jump out and get that trophy with a road shot?  Have you ever seen the guy that has the perfect piece of leased property, loaded with enough trophies that you would have a dilemma picking the biggest one, only to see him drive right into the middle of it and send a herd blowing out the back side as he gets out and walks in to his stand?
Without the proper tactics, equipment, knowledge, and mindset, you are a suboptimal hunter at best.  But if you can analyze the failures, successes, observations, and tactics that you and others have experienced in the field and combine that with a functional understanding of your prey, you can spend less time hunting and more time preying.  You can be the predator, not the wandering human looking for a lucky opportunity.
I am no expert at anything nor do I claim to be.  I have experienced my share of failure and disappointment in the field, as all of us have.  My goal is to use this blog to share experiences, ideas, and information with others.  Bowhunting and upland game hunting are my favorite flavors of hunting, with predator hunting close behind, but I am sure the topics may wander off a bit from time to time!  My hope is that you can take something away from every experience or thought I share, apply it to what you already have, and be a little more lethal.
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