Where The Wind Blows


I place 50% of the blame on Garrett Roe from Heads Up Decoy(http://headsupdecoy.com/) for this whole blog idea!  About a month ago he asked me if I would like to write up a story about the buck I took in KS in 2013 for his blog.  The last time I tried to write some type of entertaining story was in college by I figured why not.  After I wrote the story and my wife Michelle, who makes up the other 50% of the blame, proof read it for me and gave me the idea of trying a hunting blog, so here we are today.  So thanks Michelle for giving me the idea and thanks to Garrett and HUD for the chance to write a blog for him and a great product.  I wouldn’t have got the Buck without it.  You can check out the story at this link:



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